"Where there's a Will there should be a Map!"

Protect yourself and your family! Leave a secure map for your loved ones so they can find the assets you provide for them in your will.

Remember - a will or a trust says 'who' inherits your property and assets.

But WHERE are these assets?

  • • Life Insurance?   
  • • Bank Account?   
  • • Retirement Benefits?   
  • • Stocks - Bonds?   

With the advent of online banking and stock trading - there is no longer a paper trail for family members (heirs) to help locate their inherited money and property.

Most of the time much of this property is never found by heirs and it ends up as Unclaimed Property to be distributed at the discretion of the individual states.

Unclaimed Property - it's a huge problem in this country where BILLIONS of dollars are never found by deserving heirs after their parents or grandparents pass away.

Just look at all 50 states. Each state produces an Unclaimed Property list at least once a year with thousands upon thousands of names of abandoned bank accounts, insurance policies, personal property - all waiting to be claimed by their rightful heirs.

Most of these funds will NEVER make it into the hands of the loved ones to which they were intended.

And the worst part is that states recently have begun to auction off this unclaimed property to enrich their state coffers.

Don't let this happen to you and your family.

Become a Mapper at FYDOUGH.

It's all quite simple... we help you provide a confidential, secure, online map so your kids can locate the things you've left to them after you pass away.

You probably have a will or a trust which names who will inherit your property and assets.

Once you pass away - your will or trust tells your family who gets what - but you have not left them a current updated map showing them WHERE these things are located.

That's why we are here at FYDOUGH - to help you become a Mapper.

As a Mapper you create a map to your children's inheritance - by providing only locations.

Everyone knows that maps locate places.

People have used maps for centuries to help them find items of value.

These days, everyone has assets which they plan to leave to their loved ones once they pass away. This is hard earned money that families want to pass down to their heirs.

The problem occurs when, upon death, the heirs cannot locate where Grandpa or Grandma, or Mom or Dad invested their inheritance.

In other words there was NO MAP to their inheritance showing the locations of these inherited funds.

This is where we help.

As a Mapper at FYDOUGH - you subscribe to our confidential, secure online mapping and storage service where you create and maintain your individual private map of the locations of your assets. Locations only please. No account numbers.

You will receive reminders from FYDOUGH to periodically review and update your Map to make certain the locations are current in case you changed banks, moved stocks, sold property, etc.

This information remains stored and you alone designate who will be able to contact us to retrieve these locations and when we should provide your map to them.

You can release portions of your Map to your family if you become incapacitated so that your loved ones can provide you with care as you need it.

Or you can tell us that you only want designated family members to receive your map at your death. It's your choice.

The great part is that your Map will contain current locations as long as you update your map when you receive the reminders from us.

We know this is the best way to help insure that once you are departed from this earth your designated loved ones will be able to locate their inheritance easier and more efficiently thus avoiding the possibility of your money, possessions and assets being declared abandoned and never reaching your heirs.

You ask - why you can't do this yourself? Just leave a list of locations for your kids somewhere.

This would be very unwise.

Four Questions


Will the list of locations you created and stored by yourself be constantly updated if you create it without FYDOUGH using our update reminder service?


Where will you hide this list so that the wrong person doesn't find it?


What happens if you can't remember where you placed the list or the information on it becomes old and stale and no longer accurate because you never updated it?

And finally

What if you give the list to one of your children and then later decide you don't want them knowing this information until you pass away?

For all of these reasons - it's safer for you to become a Mapper and create and maintain your location map at FYDOUGH.

After you subscribe to our service we will e-mail verification that you are a Mapper.

You should print this verification and provide it to your loved ones. It is also wise to place a copy with your will or trust.

This Mapper verification informs your family that you are storing a location Map at FYDOUGH for their benefit.

In case you are incapacitated or when you pass away - your loved ones will know from the notification that you are a subscriber/Mapper at FYDOUGH and they should contact us immediately to see what instructions you provided as to the release of your Map to you designated heirs.

FYDOUGH will only retrieve and release your Map to the named beneficiary/heirs whom you've listed on your stored Map - at the time you designated to us. And only with the proper documentation from these heirs.

If you request that some of your Map information is to be released at your incapacitation - FYDOUGH will require proper identifying documentation from those you have designated to receive certain information on your Map at that time.

You can also ask us to contact your designated beneficiary/heirs automatically on your 80th birthday to let them know that you are a Mapper at our service and you have stored a Map for their benefit.


Your Map DOES NOT take the place of a Will or Trust.

Those are legal documents that designate 'who gets what' at your death or incapacitation.

Your Map at FYDOUGH simply allows you to point them in the right direction at your death so they can locate the places where your property has been invested or stored by you.


I am sorry, we don't allow maps to be printed without authorization.

If you need help with your account, please call: 1-888-730-1954