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Thank you for using FYDOUGH®. These terms of service, including the Privacy Policy, Security Policy, and the Pricing/Refund/Cancellation Policy, which are incorporated herein by this reference and which You can access at www.fydough.com (collectively, the "Terms"), are a binding legal contract between FYDOUGH, LLC., its subsidiaries, affiliates and licensors (collectively, "FYDOUGH®") and the individual or legal entity who subscribes to the FYDOUGH®, ("You"). By accessing or using the Services, You represent that You have the authority to enter into these Terms. If You do so on behalf of a legal entity, You represent and warrant that You have the authority to accept these Terms on behalf of that legal entity.

These Terms govern Your use of the FYDOUGH® online service, any service offerings or features provided by FYDOUGH®, the FYDOUGH® web site, which is provided solely for the purpose of accessing the services (a "Client"), and any updates and written documentation (together with the Client, the "Services"). Your continued use of the Services following modification to the Services or these Terms constitutes Your agreement to be bound by the modified Terms. To stay informed of any changes, please revisit this Terms of Service page periodically and review the most current version of these Terms. If You do not agree to be bound by these Terms, You may not use the Services.

YOUR SUBSCRIPTION - Refund/Cancellation Policy

As a paid Subscriber to FYDOUGH® you are designated as a Mapper™ to our Services.

Your subscription to the Services will commence on the time and day when You first use the Services. Mapper™ Subscriptions last for a fixed period of time, for example, 1 year subscription, (the " Mapper™ Subscription Period").

Your Mapper™ subscription will renew at the end of the Subscription Period and it is Your responsibility to manually renew your annual subscription. FYDOUGH® will not automatically renew your annual subscription but will notify you by e-mail that your subscription is up for annual renewal.

If you used a Promo Code for a discounted annual subscription in the past - it is Your responsibility to obtain and enter an updated, current Promo Code during the annual renewal process if you would like to apply a discount to your annual subscription. FYDOUGH will NOT retroactively apply any Promo Codes to your subscription. The Promo Code MUST be entered at time of payment.

When your annual FYDOUGH® Mapper™ Subscription is up for renewal - it is Your responsibility to contact the business/organization which provided your previous Promo Code in order for you to obtain an updated, current annual Promo Code.

It is Your responsibility to maintain accurate contact information within your Mapper™ account. FYDOUGH® is not responsible for lack of contact if you have not kept your contact information current.

FYDOUGH® will charge the then-current renewal fees to the credit card which you designate at the time you manually renew your annual Mapper™ subscription.

If You cancel a subscription, FYDOUGH® is not obligated to refund subscription charges already paid. Cancellation will take effect at the end of the current Mapper™ Subscription Period unless a sooner date is requested. After cancellation, You will no longer be able to access or use any Services.

Your subscription will automatically terminate or expire upon the earlier of (1) non-renewal, cancellation or expiration of a subscription or failure to pay subscription fees when due, if applicable, (2) FYDOUGH's® discontinuation of the Services, or (3) failure to comply with these Terms.

Upon non- renewal, non-payment - You hereby acknowledge and agree that FYDOUGH's® policy is to automatically terminate Your Account and access to the Services, and you agree that FYDOUGH® may choose to archive your map after non-renewal, termination or expiration of Your Subscription Period to the Services for possible retrieval by You or Your heirs at a later time.

If your Mapper™ Subscription Service is re-started after a period of non-renewal , FYDOUGH® may agree to retrieve the archived map if You agree to pay the unpaid annual renewal Subscriber fees in FULL to re-start the Service.

If the Mapper™ Subscriber is deceased after non-payment of the annual renewal fees - the designated heirs may request retrieval of the Mapper™ Subscriber's archived map by agreeing to pay the unpaid annual renewal fees in FULL which have accumulated since the last date of payment for the Service.

You, as Mapper™ Subscriber, are responsible for the accuracy of the information on your Map. It is Your sole responsibility to update the Map and complete all applicable sections of the Mapper™ form.

FYDOUGH® assumes no responsibility to the Mapper™ Subscriber's heirs for an incomplete or inaccurate Map. The Map's accuracy and content is the sole responsibility of You, the Mapper™ Subscriber.

FYDOUGH® may discontinue, suspend or modify the Services, any feature included in the Services, or the availability of the Services at any time and without notice to You. While not obligated to do so, FYDOUGH® will endeavor to communicate any such actions to You by either sending You an e-mail or by posting relevant information to the FYDOUGH® web site.

If FYDOUGH® discontinues this service for any reason it deems necessary, at its sole discretion at any time in the future, FYDOUGH® may agree or not agree to provide the Mapper™ Subscriber with a copy of the last map stored in the Subscriber's account at time of FYDOUGH's® discontinuation of the Service.


To access and use the Mapper™ Subscriber Services, You must create a FYDOUGH® account that is protected by a username and password (Your "Mapper™ Account"). You agree to provide FYDOUGH® with accurate and complete information when You register for an Account. You agree to keep Your password and other Account details secret, and not share them with anyone else, in order to prevent unauthorized access to Your Account. If Your contact information or other Account information changes, You must update Your Account details promptly.

If You believe there has been unauthorized access to Your Account, You must notify FYDOUGH® immediately.

Pricing Policy

This Pricing Policy is subject to and incorporated into the terms of service (the "Terms") between You and FYDOUGH®. You may access the Terms at www.fydough.com or by clicking TERMS. Capitalized words used in this Pricing Policy without definition have the meaning given to them in the Terms. By agreeing to the Terms and accessing or using the Services, You are agreeing to this Pricing Policy and the terms contained herein. Terms.


FYDOUGH® accepts payment via a valid credit or debit card. Fees paid for subscriptions to the Services are non-refundable. If Your subscription has been suspended for non-payment, it will only be reactivated upon payment, in full, of all overdue fees. Your subscription will not be activated or reactivated without prior payment.


Fees are due and payable prior to Your subscription renewal date. Incomplete or incorrect Account information may result in cancellation of your subscription and inactivation of Your Account. The prices for renewals may be different than those paid for a prior subscription. To cancel Your subscription to any Service prior to the expiration date of Your subscription, You must notify FYDOUGH®.


It is a violation of law for You to misuse or fraudulently use credit and debit cards. FYDOUGH® will report all misuse and fraudulent use to government authorities, credit reporting services, financial institutions and credit card companies.


Your right to raise billing discrepancies and any associated recovery is waived unless reported to FYDOUGH® at customersupport@fydough.com within sixty (60) calendar days after such discrepancy is discovered.

Updated August 2012


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